#SupaThought – What is really REALLY going on in North Korea?

I don’t even know where to begin on the subject because its all so fu*ked up! But I will try.

From the first time I heard about the isolated military nation of North Korea I was absolutely fascinated… curiously frightened out of my mind, yet still fascinated. I was just a teen sitting in a classroom with my peers and I understood that we were getting a glimpse into something BIG. I saw POWER and I saw CONTROL.

Let’s start with why you should give a damn…..

1. North Korea openly speaks about its nuclear weapons program, often tests its weapons (allegedly on its own poor population), and supposedly nuclear weapons might currently be pointed at us here in the U.S. Why? you may ask, because they hate us. I don’t mean like the “War on Terror” propaganda; “They hate our Freedom” bullsh*t. No, this is some serious “You are inferior to our superiority so you deserve to die” hate. It’s out of control.   Here’s a very detailed facts sheet on it: Chronology of U.S.- North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy

2. All communication with the outside world is cut off. North Koreans hear, read, and see only what their government wants them to. This is a powerful and effective means of control and we have proof that its happening. Who are we as Americans to think our own government doesn’t have a similar tactic implemented on a smaller scale? In the documentary above you hear the narrator say that North Koreans don’t  know that  man has walked on the moon, yet we KNOW North Korea has an active space program!

3. Starving citizens have resorted to Cannibalism. The North Korean government recently publicly executed 3 men found guilty of consuming human flesh. Reports are that parents are eating their children, husbands are cooking their wives, and its all just so fu*king horrible. You see the citizens of North Korea live by an ascribed status system called their Songbun. Here it is described on North Korea’s Wikipedia page:

“Based on their own behavior and the political, social, and economic background of their family for three generations as well as behavior by relatives within that range, Songbun is used to determine whether an individual is trusted with responsibility, given opportunities, or even receives adequate food…Songbun affects access to educational and employment opportunities and particularly whether a person is eligible to join North Korea’s ruling party. There are 3 main classifications and about 50 sub-classifications. According to Kim Il-sung, speaking in 1958, the loyal “core class” constituted 25% of the North Korean population, the “wavering class” 55%, and the “hostile class” 20%. The highest status is accorded to individuals descended from those who participated with Kim Il-sung in the resistance against Japanese occupation during and before World War II and to those who were factory workers, laborers or peasants as of 1950.”

These people are starving, receiving inadequate food portions, and its to no fault of their own. How pissed off were most Americans when Michelle Obama wanted to control what we ate? FLOTUS was on her America get Fit swag and she was told to take a seat. Well, I’ll take a leader against McDonald’s over one who won’t let me eat at all because my grandfather stole some bread. North Korea is out of control. –  Business As Usual

Concentration camps, Violence against Women, Thriving Black Market through China, Drug trafficking (Heroine) and Human Sex Trafficking. etc.

North Korean Leaders are CRAZY INSANE. They say the wildest things, they deny everything, and pretty much just keeps it pushing completely unconcerned about what the rest of the world has to say. If that’s not enough reason for us to fear possible invasion by North Korean humanoid droids I don’t know what. I am terrified and I think that at any moment the sh*t is going to hit the fan. This is a nation comprised of people that will do anything to survive and people who believe EVERYTHING their leaders say. They said they didn’t know anything about concentration camps and that the Survivors were all liars or possibly South Korean actors ( They REALLY said that)….and then Google Earth put them on blast. SMDH

I hope every single American soon starts asking themselves one question: What is really REALLY going on in North Korea?



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