#SupaThought – Listen America! We NEED to be Better!

Quote: “Don’t yell at my motherfucking babies”

I am so ashamed of everything that transpired in the above clip. My heart is saddened and my soul is crying. What the hell was that???

There is absolutely no way this behavior should be deemed acceptable. At no time, place, setting or for any reason should someone act like this. Of course I am speaking about the woman and her accomplices. This is egregious behavior. It is despicable, disgusting, and discerning. And in spite of all that I actually see everybody in the video as a victim. Oh yes, the poor security guard who showed a commendable amount of restraint (even though he egged her on in his own special way), but also the woman, her fiftyeleven children (I stopped counting), the bulldog friend, even the innocent bystanders are all victims in my eyes. Don’t forget the poor father’s obligatory intervening. He’s not as foolish as his partner though, he definitely thought twice about when keeping it real goes wrong. Maybe she should have watched more of the Chappelle Show.

Instead I see her, as well as the rest, as products of their environment. It’s a problem that transcends color lines in my opinion. In this case they’re black in Atlanta, but they could easily have been anyone anywhere. America has glorified bad behavior for too long of a time now. Even my hometown (beloved and prestigious Boston, MA) isn’t immune, recently suffering the premiere of “reality” show Southie Rules. But way before that I saw the same barbaric behaviour all the time growing up. Somebody gets stabbed for stepping on somebody’s sneakers – it must be Tuesday (shoulder shrug). Its promoted gangster culture that has evolved into a let’s all just be uneducated and be offended when people use 3 syllable words culture. It can be genetic…stupid  begets stupid….as so well demonstrated by our ATLiens (no offense to the real and true). Those children were screaming “You’re Gay !” at the security guard while being encouraged by the on looking adults(loosely used) to continue.  Come on people! This is absurd! The behaviour can also be contagious…

What the hell America!!!!

Seriously, from Honey Boo Boo to (thank GOD it was cancelled before it aired) Shawty Lo’s All My Baby Mama’s, television programming has got to be at its lowest point ever. Music sucks, well what’s on the radio and being drilled into our brains in public places like the mall at least. Films are uninspiring and Celebrities left and right are being found to be fraudulent these days. Liars, Cheaters, Bears oh My! The point I’m trying to make is that we have lost our moral compass. I know what you’re thinking – “When did we have such a thing?”. Well I like to think that we did. That once upon a time while travelling one could say “I am American” and there would be pride and reverence attached to that…in most places. Now? HA!!!! Now, its “ew, yuck, they’re Americans”. It leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Yes every country as their issues but we take the cake in my opinion. When considering the opportunities we have to be better and to do better we are just a nation of deviants, with no one telling us how to love another and to always do right by each other. The Golden Rule has turned into the illusive golden ring, we all know it yet still have a hard time getting a good grasp of it.

Honestly I don’t think it’s completely our fault, it’s all about influences. And that’s why to me everyone in the video is a victim. She might have been listening to Chief Keef before the altercation – security guard yelling at my kids/that’s that shit I don’t like – and on any other day she would have properly reprimanded them. Maybe the security guard had something to prove – stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything – if not he might have ignored those rambunctious children. And even poor papa bear might not have had his chest deflated if he chose a better love interest. They are all victims in Supa’s eyes.

I would be part of the problem if I didn’t say something. We don’t need new popular words for it (ratchet?), we need a solution for it. Perhaps we are watching the resolution in real-time. If more idiots get their asses handed to them on a silver platter instead of being given a platform to preach their ignorance this will be a better place. Over the rainbow and far away, education and etiquette awaits us. Walk with me down the yellow brick road and let’s pull the curtain back on this whole operation.

Listen America….we NEED to be better! For goodness and for future’s sake. I leave you with this food for thought…..

~Supa Out~

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