PEACE!…and I’m out! Pope Benedict XVI resigns


Surrounded by controversy from the moment he stepped onto the pontifical scene, German born Joseph Aloisius Ratzingerthe man we now know as Pope Benedict XVI, has proven once again that you can’t stop the Shining. Rumors of homosexual activity, secret boyfriends and Catholic sex scandal conspiracies have all been whispered (not so quietly) as the reason for the resignation. The first resignation by a pope since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, and the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294. Did I mention he was also said to have once upon a time been associated with the Nazi party?

The whole concept of the “pope” perplexes me. As a self-proclaimed Spiritualist I will always say that I have never been very Religious. Instead I believe in building and upholding a relationship with the great Spirit, the Creator. Religion has always been too ritualistic for me and no matter how many arguments I hear for the contrary, they all come off as the same whether we’re talking Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or Judaism. Same thing, different language. The only difference and ironically the biggest factor is the way these religions are interpreted followed by the manifestations of the interpretations. Man made laws and judgement of others, waging wars and violations of basic human rights comes from the misinterpretation of religion. Sometimes I think Religion was created just to keep the people divided, but I digress. Back to the pope…

I’ll state plainly that I was raised Roman Catholic but was surrounded by family members who were practicing Protestants, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even a sprinkle of Rastafarian. For the most part of my early adulthood I considered myself Christian, non denominational. I now am a member of a Pentecostal Church, and I am a practicing Christian because of my life experiences and the truths I have come to known for myself…not because I was told to be. I no longer follow Catholicism because of all the evil people who infiltrated the religion, and let me state that I believe this infiltration happened YEARS ago.


Without spelling out the obvious (worldwide child sex abuse  – oops!), my biggest issue with Catholicism has been the existence of the pope and the amount of power he has. The word “pope” is derived from the Greek word meaning Father.  He, the pope, is supposed to be the successor of St. Peter, the appointed “rock” of the Church by Christ. St. Peter was considered to be the leader of the One True Church laid out by Christ. He was the shepherd of men after Jesus, but however never bore the title of “Pope”. The English word now synonymous with the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church wasn’t used in reference to the position until centuries later.

There has been a great schism ( the Avignon Papacy) and scandals galore. The popes had astounding power all throughout history. They aligned themselves with corrupt monarchs,  controlled the Church treasury, and declared that they were GOD on Earth. That is my issue! That there is a man on Earth being worshiped as the living physical representation of GOD. Protestants as early as 1517 argued that the pope was the Antichrist. I completely see where they were going with that argument.


I am reminded of the tale of the Golden Calf in the Old Testament whenever I see idol worship of the pope. You see the people of the olden days in the Bible decided that GOD was inaccessible and they couldn’t deal with an invisible GOD. The people built a huge bull calf constructed of GOLD (The bullsh*t shined) and began to worship it as the representation of GOD. The people needed GOD in front of them and ready whenever they needed him. It was wrong because they were placing themselves and their needs above GOD. Not liking God’s rules and conditions they created their own. What does that remind you of? Hmmmmm…


It’s so shiny isn’t it, worthy to be praised? This world is flooded with Idol Worship. From celebrities to athletes, reality stars, and even politicians are worshiped and adored on an alarming scale. I’m terrified of people who worship another person (Beyonce Stans, Lady Gaga Monsters, Nicki Minaj Barbz, Justin Beiber Beliebers, etc). It’s unhealthy and it goes against God’s word.

Back to the resignation – Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned on Feb 28th, 2013 citing a failure in his health. The day he announced his plan to resign, lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica….no,  it seriously did.

#SupaThought: It’s the dawn of a new era, and most certainly not a good one.

Since then, Illuminati associations, a new sex scandal, and the hidden Gospel of Barnabas have all been rumored to be the cause behind the shaking revelation but I believe the truth is far more sinister. St. Malachy has prophesied the last 10 Popes, by name or description.and has been accurate thus far from Pius X to Benedict XVI.

Prophecy of the Popes

There is one last pope in his prophecy and that is Peter the Roman, the Antichrist. This last Pope’s reign will be the marking of the end of Man and all that we know.




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