#SupaThought: the Revolution will not be televised…it will be YouTube’d


Yes, Racism exists and bigots still have a supernatural ability to outlive the average human being. But despite all the evils in the world there are still good people out there, who continuously do good things. And our natural being, the science of Life proves racism wrong every time. They promote love and equality and they do not judge or condemn. These people will help change the world just by being themselves. Whenever I come across them my heart smiles and my soul sings.

I’ve compiled a few faves for you…..

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  • The people of the Soloman Islands

These are dark-skinned people with naturally blond hair. The color of their hair, and sometimes light-colored eyes, is rooted in their genes. Just by existing they kill so many arguments of racism. Glory be to the Creator.


  •  The funky fresh preachers

Most likely a fake video, but hilarious nonetheless. The guy who posted it said that he did it when he was in high school for his local Church. I think he’s just a marketing genius. Well, supposedly Pastor Jim Colerick and his wife from West Dubuque, Iowa’s now defunct West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ are closing generational gaps and racial lines by not taking themselves (or religion) too seriously. According to them, Jesus Christ should be your N*gga because they have no shame in rapping “Jesus Christ is my N*gga”. Bravo!

  • John Griffith from California:

Young black men working as conservation corps members, planting trees and saving the environment! Coolest boss in the world!! Now THIS is how you kill racism. When not preserving the environment and natural habitats, young workers of the California Conservationist Corps teach their boss, John Griffith, how to break it down one time. Not only does John proceed to break it, but he also brings it back and then breaks it down once again. Forgive me as I say, Go white boy, go white boy, Go! Muy Bueno!

  • Berklee College of Music Alumnae – Karmin

I love these two, and not just because their skills were honed in my hometown (Boston stand up!)! It’s because I believe that music knows no boundaries. The Arts, in my opinion, are the best means to equality and harmony. We as people express our humanity through the Literary arts, the Visual arts, and the Performing arts and I will always be a strong supporter of that. Respect breeds Love.


Darren Harper

  • Black Pro Skateboarders

I was an avid skateboarder in my youth and had dreams of going pro until an accident left the bone in my right leg fractured from the knee to ankle. Shattered pieces of bone could be seen at the base of the ankle in x-ray – tres cool. To the Glory of my Creator I’m fine. Anywhoo, I always give extra love when I see my fellow urban skateboarders. Youth of my own heart. Rolling Out digital magazine has a great top ten list you can check out.

  • Matt Harding from Connecticut

This guy is the man. You can get more details on him on his website, but he basically travels the world dancing and has been doing it since 2004. He has crossed all cultural and racial lines and has helped many people in the process. Matt has traveled to remote places and danced with indigenous tribes and somehow has convinced thousands to learn and perfectly perform his goofy ass dance. Matt represents the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He has been accepted into different circles by simply being himself and respecting those around him. Bravo Matt!

images (1)

U.S President Barack H. Obama

Last but not least is the current Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, President Obama (for yo mama!). Hate him or Love him, it doesn’t change the fact that this man has made history and has changed so many facets of this country. Good or Bad, he represents a change in America, one that was unimaginable at a point of time in its history. It’s almost corny that he’s biracial but maybe that’s what we needed. I said for a long time that this was going to be a khaki colored world and I told all segregationists that they were fighting a losing battle, but nobody listened…..look at me now. If America can get over Black vs White (go take a nap Mitt Romney, and take Bill O’Reilly, Adam Carolla, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh with you, when you’re done you can all go kick rocks for a while ….and this is coming from someone FROM Massachusetts!), then the rest of the world will get over it too. What’s the point of being in first place if you’re going to be a terrible leader. Nobody wants to follow a loser America…so we should get it together….’cause we’re losing 1st place. It’s not the man who I admire but all the sixty-five million, eight hundred and ninety-nine thousand, six hundred and sixty American citizens that voted for him in 2012 that makes my soul smile. These people represent the change of attitude in this country. Bravo America (but you don’t get an exclamation mark though – lots of work to do).

Sidenote: I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008, but I did in the re-election. I’m a registered Independent.


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