#SupaThought: Beyonce is so Sospwa

…well I most certainly will not

I never wanted to write on this subject but because she’s popular and EVERYWHERE all the time, it’s inevitable. I touched upon it briefly with the Inauguration 2013 scandal using humor to make a few points but I didn’t really get into it. The subject topic: Beyoncé. Or should I say BEYONCE?… because that itself is the problem.

Alright please don’t kill me, I come in peace. I want no bodily harm done to myself or my loved ones after I say (gulp) I don’t like Beyoncé. I never have, and I have been waiting to be swayed, yet 16 years later I’m still waiting. Matter of fact no I’m not, “I’ve been done”, as we like to say. Now I’m just in constant shock how the rest of the word hasn’t “been done” as well. I remember when Destiny’s Child first came out, I was a huge fan. I first started looking at them (well just Beyoncé really) suspiciously when the group split in half. There was so much he said she said and then there was the controversy with the Say My Name video – mmm scandalous! I didn’t start thinking there was anything shady about her mother being their stylist and her father being the group’s manager or her little sister singing backup, dancing backup and receiving writing credits, and…okay I’m losing track but basically that’s when she became SOSPWA. Throw in a former drug dealing, over aged rapper with a seedy character as a boyfriend and deny it for years…and I’m done. You’re SOSPWA.

pois sauce

Sos pwa is literally “bean sauce” or “sauce bean” however you want to look at it. It’s a thick sauce made from beans served over white rice. Sos pwa comes in all colors and textures depending on which bean and how much of it you use. As a child I adopted the phrase as a word to mean something extremely suspicious. You never know exactly what is under the sos pwa or what is in it because it has the composition to hide so much. You have to dig in and hope you can decipher all the ingredients, but the more you eat it the more the sos pwa mixes and blends into everything. Strange comparison I know, but it works for me.

As the years went on she perfected her SOSPWA, hiding and manipulating the truth. Only allowing you to see what she wants you to see, Beyoncé built an empire off of lies and deceit. That’s where I will forever stand. For years she has contradicted herself in speech, manner, and music and has a sold an image and brand to the youth that is destructive in nature to the individual and the community. Yes I know that she does not stand alone in this crime as all other celebrities and media outlets are also guilty of this, thus is America’s culture today, but as the self-proclaimed King/Queen and the professed Beloved High Priestess of the Universe by Oprah (whatever that’s suppose to mean),it is way passed the time that you start being held accountable for the fuckery.



There are so many past transgressions that can be reviewed but I’ll first speak on the recent events. Beyoncé has been on an active campaign to remind us that there is no one breathing oxygen today that is better than her so for that reason alone you should abandon all Religion and sensibilities and relinquish your money, your life, and your soul to her in whatsoever order you may choose. And above all, do not forget that she “was made/created for this”.

images (4)images (3)

Beyoncé has proven that she can sing live (although after the fact and the moment she was expected to) and that she has the right to decide to do so whenever she wants because all other artists in the industry do as well and we shouldn’t hold her to any other standard just because she’s the greatest alive. She has proven that she can dance and shout and fling her expensively purchased hair while simultaneously thrusting her womanly parts for all to see. Gosh darn it she shut the lights off! Are you not entertained???? No, I don’t want to hear how she spent months rehearsing the same dance routines we’ve all seen her perform, that is not the point. Beyoncé has proven that she is better at everybody else’s job by writing, directing, editing, and starring in her own documentary. Nevermind that it left the viewer with more questions than answers although it was promoted otherwise, and she’s been pimping the same footage since the B’day documentary…Beyoncé did it, so bow down.

images (8)

And my favorite is the whole men don’t get to decide what’s sexy. Women must define sexy for themselves. But I’m still going to have my breasts hanging out for GQ and I will never stop p-popping…NEVER! I’m a role model for young girls, including the Obama girls that’s why I aligned myself with their mother, the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and waged war on childhood obesity and demanded “Let’s Move! America”. But as soon as my funds got low I do what I really do best and that’s sign the dotted line. $50 million from Pepsi and she forgot that. Now its, we should all learn to love ourselves no matter how we look. You look great, have some high fructose corn syrup…with my face on the can! Sospwa!

images (6)

Also ladies, we women should stick together because it is far much harder for us to make it out here. On your behalf, I will proclaim that we run the world and I will demand that men respect us. I will do this  as I still think the rest of you are beneath me and proceed to call you bitches. Never forget that there are no other passengers on my plane because I am the female version of a hustler. My husband will sell water to a well and I will sell fire in Hell. That is all peasants.

Beyonce 'Diva' video

In the end it all comes back to making money and upholding a status. I couldn’t care less about that. My whole problem is speaking to the younger generation and having them tell me that Beyonce’s way of living life is the only way of life worth living. Because that is not true. They believe all of the lies being sold to them and that breaks my heart. The adults who fully know that the music they are listening to is garbage and that these videos do nothing but promote sex and drugs but still participate consciously as a consumer, I have no words for them. But I wouldn’t be doing my part in this world if I didn’t say “Hey! this as all Bullsh*t!” every once in a while to the youth. Supa loves the kids.

Finally, we get to why she’s famous in the first place – Singing. Beyoncé’s music sucks America. The End. LOL I’m kidding…not completely. Beyoncé has some good songs but I really don’t believe that she is satisfied with her discography and that’s why she tries so hard to stay relevant. There’s an identity crisis that’s been going on inside of her, a war waged between ballad singing, sweet southern girl Beyoncé and ghetto hoodrat jezebel Beyoncé for a long time now. Most people are multifaceted, many parts coming together to form our whole self, but she always came off as straight schizo to me. It was cemented when she said that she feels like a completely different person when she performs. Her music is decent but it’s not celestial and it doesn’t deserve the acclaim that it receives. And I am not kidding about that. She produces whatever will sell. When mainstream America starts dishing it to her Beyoncé runs back to the hood with an aggressive urban track so we can protect her as one of our own. I do not claim any of your Creole. It’s never been about the music…


People ask me all the time about why I’m so passionate about the topic. There are so many different answers I give but mainly it’s because GOD’s people will be destroyed because of lack of knowledge. That’s it. Like I said before, If you already know and you just don’t care – I’m not here for you. But to those who think that all that glitters and shines is gold, I must stand as a voice of reason. And because many people suffer from poor listening comprehension (Beyoncé has told us on numerous occasions exactly who she is).

I submit exhibits Alpha through Omega for your review and conclusion.

Beyoncé is not a role model:  

Beyoncé is not a Humanitarian: I remember hearing Beyoncé tell a story about how her father took them down to the poor Ward of where they were from in Texas and drove around sight-seeing the homeless and destitute. I thought to myself how spoiled of a child were you that they had to do something like this so you could get it.

Man I love this interview!

So many highlights! The shade Beyonce throws at Farrah Franklin in the beginning! The way Beyoncé straights silences Kelly while she tried to speak and telling them to cut that part out – Ruthless! Repeating “Everything would be free?!?!” LOL Beyoncé looked at Michelle like she was stupid. And did you catch Farrah’s side remark at the end? “Girl, you gon’ get kicked out!” – very foretelling. This is a great interview, I think you really see Beyoncé’s character come out

Beyoncé is Unoriginal: Too many examples to cite. I’m not sure what she’s so hard at work doing. You don’t write your songs, you don’t come up with your own original choreography, absolutely no original styling, beats are stolen, stage production ideas are stolen. Seriously, what the hell are you busy doing? Shopping maybe. Sospwa.



..and then she tells you about how she does it.

Beyoncé hates Animals: Remember when PETA totally busted her and ambushed her during dinner? Her mother had to step in and say something. Come on Beyoncé….own it!

images (5)PETA isn’t too pleased about this either

The Vanishing tattoo: Beyoncé flaunts her matching IV that she shares with husband Jay-Z but she’s not so willing to talk about the one she had painstakingly removed through multiple sessions of laser surgery. It was of a flying mantis. Sospwa

                                                                             beyonce_009 beyonce_007 beyonce_011

These are some facts about the flying mantis:

  • Comes from the Greek word meaning Prophet
  • Most mantises are exclusively predatory.
  • The majority of mantises are ambush predators.
  • Generally, mantises protect themselves by camouflage and concealment.
  • Sexual cannibalism is common among mantises in captivity
  • Southern African indigenous mythology refers to the praying mantis as a god in Khoi and San traditional myths and practices.

Beyoncé should have stayed in School: She has never been articulate. I don’t believe she’s dumb, just not very eloquent.

Artist Development anyone?

Beyoncé’s family is Dysfunctional: Of course we’re all not the Huxtables but when you endlessly credit your great family foundation for your success, repeatedly reminding us that Matthew Knowles is not Joe Jackson, we’re going to be curious when your younger teenage sister ends up pregnant then married (for a hot second then it was over), and then your father is exposed to have been having an extra marital affair with a woman your age. An affair that resulted in a love child. Scandalous! So Sospwa!


Beyoncé was nothing but a hook singer, A la Ashanti:

Cam’ron ft Beyoncé – “Do It Again”

50 Cent ft Beyoncé – “Thug Love”

LOL @ that song intro! What decent young woman would get on a track like that? When Cam came out and exposed her studio ho days she vehemently denied the accusations. Jay-Z even stated in a song that she should “just ignore them”. I’m sorry, you can’t ignore the facts/tracks. This is probably why she has since become obsessed with controlling all images and audio of herself.

Beyoncé does not Drink or Smoke: That’s what she has repeatedly stated in interviews, but videos and pictures tell another story.

images (10)…did I say that?

Only Beyoncé can play with Guns:

download (2)


Beyoncé is evil and might possibly be or worships a Demonic (to Christians)Entity: Otherwise known as the Illuminati Conspiracy

??????????????????????????? beyonce_baphomet_ring2 Beyonce_Baphomet_ring Bey-Instagram beyonce dress baphomet2 DurgaBeyonce maa-durga Maa-kali-wallpapers mahakali_or_kali_zk39 Kali

images (2) TongueOut

Very Sospwa

I’m not interested in any honey from this Queen Bee and want no part of her Kool-Aid. I know I’m not alone in these sentiments so there is hope for humanity. For all of you still caught in the spider-web, I will continue to pray for you. There is nothing wrong in enjoying something entertaining. Go to the club with your friends, enjoy a concert, cop that new album that just came out…..but don’t immerse yourself in it. Don’t let it consume you and control you. Do not pay $300 for that ticket, I promise she’s not that shiny in person. Do not emulate and do not worship. Above all else. Do not bow down.

tumblr_llq0tdw9at1qdsz7lo1_500_largeSupa said what?

You’re madd #sospwa



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