#SupaThought: Change is Good…mmmkay

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

Thank you Albert, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t believe that in the year 2013 we as a nation are still dealing with these pesky issues. What issues you ask…race, segregation, racism, reverse-racism, and financially funded hate. My mind is blown. America never ceases to amaze me. What has me so flustered? Hearing about four friends who just wanted to attend their prom together but couldn’t, because two are black and two are white. You see, their school has always had separate, segregated proms – The White Prom and the Black Prom (sucks for anyone who falls in between – i.e the biracial kid who was escorted away by police – ouch!). Where is this happening? In Georgia…sigh.


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#SupaThought – Listen America! We NEED to be Better!

Quote: “Don’t yell at my motherfucking babies”

I am so ashamed of everything that transpired in the above clip. My heart is saddened and my soul is crying. What the hell was that???

There is absolutely no way this behavior should be deemed acceptable. At no time, place, setting or for any reason should someone act like this. Of course I am speaking about the woman and her accomplices. This is egregious behavior. It is despicable, disgusting, and discerning. And in spite of all that I actually see everybody in the video as a victim. Oh yes, the poor security guard who showed a commendable amount of restraint (even though he egged her on in his own special way), but also the woman, her fiftyeleven children (I stopped counting), the bulldog friend, even the innocent bystanders are all victims in my eyes. Don’t forget the poor father’s obligatory intervening. He’s not as foolish as his partner though, he definitely thought twice about when keeping it real goes wrong. Maybe she should have watched more of the Chappelle Show.

Instead I see her, as well as the rest, as products of their environment. It’s a problem that transcends color lines in my opinion. In this case they’re black in Atlanta, but they could easily have been anyone anywhere. America has glorified bad behavior for too long of a time now. Even my hometown (beloved and prestigious Boston, MA) isn’t immune, recently suffering the premiere of “reality” show Southie Rules. But way before that I saw the same barbaric behaviour all the time growing up. Somebody gets stabbed for stepping on somebody’s sneakers – it must be Tuesday (shoulder shrug). Its promoted gangster culture that has evolved into a let’s all just be uneducated and be offended when people use 3 syllable words culture. It can be genetic…stupid  begets stupid….as so well demonstrated by our ATLiens (no offense to the real and true). Those children were screaming “You’re Gay !” at the security guard while being encouraged by the on looking adults(loosely used) to continue.  Come on people! This is absurd! The behaviour can also be contagious…

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