Kanye West regrets wearing a skirt…eh, kilt…and Wants to Destroy all Evidence


Kanye West is demanding that all images of him wearing a Givenchy Leather Kilt be deleted from a photo agency’s database. Is it because he wants to pull a Beyonce and own all images of him created or yet to be manifested? No not at all, its because he’s embarrassed and has the emotions of a prepubescentĀ girl. Okay I just made that up, but I bet its true.

I believe in the saying “A Chacun Son Gout”, basically to each their own. I like Fashion, of course I do I’m a woman and I understand that taste and style cannot be universal but instead be defined by individuals for his or her own life. With that said, why wear it then try to pull a “no wait just kidding” when people start laughing at you? Let’s discuss it…

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